As lockdown has eased but pressure continues on the hospitality sector we have seen an increased switch to mobile catering.  Consequently the demand for lease finance has followed.  However many brokers have seen their finance lines reduced.

Our partners at First Business Finance we worked throughout lockdown but treated our funders well.  We made sure we placed the right deals with the right funders so they were sure when we proposed an opportunity they knew they wanted to see it.  We are now seeing that support return to us with some exceptional rates for all business.

As we have always been active in the vehicle and catering market we have in the past couple of months placed a number of competitive packages for refrigerated and catering vans or trailers.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss with how we can support your sales and customers.

As an indication of 3 year rates:

Refit only:
New start£36.20 per £1000
Trading over 3 years£34.94
Van and refit:
New Start:£33.29 per £1000
Trading over 3 years£32.04

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